Podcaster calls actress HALLE BAILEY ugly then cries when his mother's look is criticised

Monday, March 04, 2024
 – A man has called out those criticising his mother's look after he called an actress ugly.

Elijah Shaffer, a podcaster, took to X to share a photo of Halle with the caption: "When exactly did Hollywood become flooded with ugly people?"

He also shared a photo of an alien-looking creature and likened it to Halle, who was the star of the Little Mermaid movie.

His followers responded by sharing a photo of him and his mother. They then told him that his mother looks more like the creature he shared.

Elijah immediately took offense and called out his followers for calling his mother ugly.

He wrote: "My mother's face was permanently disfigured from a rare form of cancer.

"She had 60% of her soft tissue removed & huge portions of her jaw carved out in 3 life saving surgeries.

"You're making fun of a dead mother of 4 who had life saving facial reconstruction.

"Hope you feel cool."

But he got little sympathy as people told him he should be able to take what he dishes.

Others went online to bring receipts of Elijah being accused of sexual assault as they reminded him of his past.

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