'Terminally ill' thieves have regrouped under ZUMA’s MK party – A letter from BUSHY GREEN

Monday, January 22, 2024
 – The once “terminally ill” convicted fraudster, Shabir Shaik, like other thieves in the “den of thieves”, heard the call from their chief and responded. He is now second-in-command to the chief, the position he will hold until after the elections.

After the elections the chief will be replaced by his son, and the second-in-command position will belong to the chief's daughter. Shaik will be handling the loot, and Ace Magashule will be the den’s secretary-general. Right now it's not clear what role Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma will play, but she will definitely be in the top 6, that's why she resigned from parliament – to help her ex-husband build a legacy for their spoilt children.

Just to remind the masses about the unholy relationship between Msholozi and Shaik, both of them earned undeserved early releases from prison after being declared “terminally ill” by Jacob Zuma's doctors.

A few weeks after his release from prison, the “terminally ill” Shaik was seen smoking cigars and playing golf. And the “terminally ill” Msholozi was also seen dancing to the tune of the “thieves' national anthem”, Umshini Wam'  just a few weeks after his undeserved release.

These two ex-convicts really made a mockery of the South African parole system. They are the healthiest pair in SA. More shady characters who benefited mightily during Msholozi's nine years of misrule are expected to enter the den in droves in the coming weeks/months.

Bushy Green, Kagiso

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