BOINEHELO LEFAFE, the ‘Selfie-killer’ now wants to apply for bail

Wednesday, January 31, 2024
 – The man accused of killing his colleague at the Leseding family hostel in Westonaria, on the West Rand, now wants to apply for bail.

Boinehelo Lefafe, 43, appeared briefly in the Westonaria regional court where he said he would be applying for bail after previously deciding to abandon his application.

The case was postponed to March 7 for a legal team to prepare for a bail application and for further investigations, including outstanding postmortem results.

Lefafe is facing a charge of murder for allegedly killing Alphino Macovo.

After the attack, Lefafe is said to have waited with the body for police to arrive, during which time he took a selfie with Macovo’s body lying next to him with his intestines exposed.

The attack is said to have been sparked by an earlier incident between them while at work in June, which ended in a physical fight.

It’s alleged that Lefafe, who is employed as a shaft timber assistant, accidentally sprayed Macovo with water and Macovo retaliated by assaulting him, injuring him in the eye.

Lefafe was apparently hospitalised for a month after the fight.

Upon his return to work from sick leave, Lefafe and Macovo were allegedly placed on suspension. 

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