Sleeping baby narrowly escapes being crushed by falling ceiling (VIDEO)

Saturday, July 06, 2024 - An infant is lucky to be alive after the pop on the ceiling collapses and falls on the bed around the baby, but the debris manages to avoid the child.

A video shared online shows the baby still sleeping peacefully just inches away from the debris that fell on the bed.

The child's mother, @mumcydesire29 shared the video on Tiktok and wrote: "The devil tried to take away my first fruit but my God proved to them there’s no way. Lord am forever grateful for this. devil is a liar."

Watch the video below.

@mumcydesire29 Devil is a lier😪😩😭##goviraltiktok ##tiktoker ##hashtag ##500kviews ##motherhood ♬ original sound - The Echoes from Zion

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