Media personality ELLEN DEGENERES addresses scandal, says she's many things but not mean

Wednesday, July 03, 2024 - Ellen DeGeneres has responded to the "mean girl" allegations that surrounded her talk show, ultimately leading to its end.

During a recent stand-up performance in Santa Rosa, California, the comedian addressed the controversy directly.

Speaking to a nearly full audience, DeGeneres stated, “I am many things, but I am not mean”. While defending herself, she acknowledged, "I can be demanding, impatient, and tough. I am a strong woman."

DeGeneres stepped away from her famous talk show in 2022 following accusations from former staffers about a toxic workplace environment. She told the audience that the scandal had forced her to confront and break down some of her personal barriers.

In her recent stand-up appearances, DeGeneres has been more open about the impact of the controversy. During a gig last month, she discussed the toll that the negative publicity took on her self-esteem, admitting that she avoided news coverage portraying her in a negative light. 

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