French store owner accuses singer ELTON JOHN of peeing in a plastic bottle in his store

Monday, July 08, 2024 - English singer Elton John found himself in an unusual situation while shopping for sneakers in a store in France.

According to the owner of the store, John urinated in a plastic bottle inside the store. Ryan Sukkar, who owns Sugarkikz in Nice, told TMZ that Elton John visited his store on a Monday afternoon, with his two sons and a bodyguard. When Elton inquired about a restroom, he was informed that there wasn't one available.

Faced with no other option, the legendary singer asked his security for a bottle and, taking a few steps away from other shoppers, proceeded to relieve himself. However, his aim wasn’t perfect, resulting in some of the urine ending up on the floor. Elton then asked his security for a towel to clean up the spill.

Sukkar expressed his shock and frustration over the incident, noting that it was the first time in his three years of running the business that such a situation had occurred.

Interestingly, Sukkar didn’t recognize Elton John during the incident. When he asked what Elton did for a living, the singer replied simply, "I'm Elton John."

After a quick online search, Sukkar realized the significance of his customer. Despite the awkward encounter, Elton John purchased two pairs of sneakers for his sons, took a photo for the store, and shook hands with Sukkar before leaving.

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