Four men brutally caned for consuming alcohol and breaking Sharia law in Indonesia (PHOTOs)

Monday, July 01, 2024 - Four men have been brutally caned 42 times for consuming alcohol and breaking Sharia law on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

An executor was pictured canning four men in front of Islamic court officials as people gathered on Monday, July 1.

Two of the convicts were dressed in white tunics, while the other two wore red tops printed with the name of the district attorney's office before they took their turn to receive their respective punishments.

The four Acehnese men received 19 to 42 lashes for drinking alcohol, known as 'khamar' in Sharia law. A police officer with a microphone oversaw the punishments.

The three men to receive the 42 lashes were named in the local press as M. Fais Akbar, Aulia Syahputra, and Yusdi, while Cukri Ramadhan received 19.

Before the punishment was out, all men underwent a health check by a team of medics. They were all deemed ready to serve their sentence.

Kompas reported that the caning was paused for one of the men after he groaned in pain after 10 lashes. He was given something to drink by the medics, who also checked on his condition before the punishment continued.

'Today, the execution of the caning sentence for four people convicted of violating khamar or being drunk has been completed,' said the Head of the Banda Aceh District Prosecutor's Office after the process.

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