DONALD TRUMP calls JOE BIDEN a "broken down pile of crap" and trashes KAMALA HARRIS (VIDEO)

Friday, July 05, 2024 - Donald Trump was caught on video trash-talking his democratic rivals, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

In shocking footage obtained by the Daily Beast, the former republican U.S. President was seen sitting in a golf cart next to his son Barron while chatting with a bunch of people on a fairway.

One of them was filming Trump as he tore Biden to shreds in the 44-second clip.

It starts with Trump asking the group how he did in the June 27 debate before labelling Biden a “broken-down pile of crap."

Trump also referred to Joe Biden as a "bad guy," who was quitting the 2024 presidential race and bragged about pushing him out.

Then Trump also slammed Kamala, Biden's VP and running mate in the election.

He predicted Kamala was going to replace Biden and mockingly said "She’s going to be better" before calling her "so bad" and "so pathetic" and, once again, "so f****ing bad.”

Switching back to Biden, Trump asked the small crowd on the golf course to imagine what it would be like to have Joe dealing with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and China's president Xi Jinping. He referred to Xi as a "fierce man, very tough guy."

Trump ended his diatribe by claiming it was just announced Biden was probably quitting the presidential race. Then he took off with Barron in the golf cart.

There has been a lot of speculation about Biden continuing his 2024 run for the White House after his train wreck performance at the debate against Trump.

Watch the video below.

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