PUTIN and KIM JONG UN vow to help each other if either country is attacked as Russian President receives lavish welcome in North Korea (VIDEOs)

Friday, June 21, 2024 - Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un have vowed to aid each other if either country is attacked on a rare visit by Putin to North Korea, his first time in 24 years to the hermit nation.

The mutual defence clause is part of a comprehensive strategic partnership the pair signed in a bid to unite against the US.

Russian state media said Putin spoke to Kim face-to-face for about two hours and thanked him for his country's support for the war in Ukraine.

Thousands trooped to welcome Putin  in a lavish ceremony when he arrived in the North Korean capital on Wednesday, June 19

Western worries have grown over an arrangement in which North Korea provides Russia with badly needed munitions in exchange for economic aid and technology transfers that could enhance Pyongyang's nuclear weapons and missile program.

Kim said the "fiery friendship" was now even closer than during Soviet times, and promised "full support and solidarity to the Russian government, army and people in carrying out the special military operation in Ukraine to protect sovereignty, security interests and territorial integrity".

He also hailed Russia's "important role and mission in preserving the strategic stability and balance in the world".

"The situation in the world is exacerbating and changing rapidly,"  Kim said.

"In this situation, we intend to strengthen strategic interaction with Russia."

The two leaders also exchanged gifts, with Kim reportedly receiving a Russian-built limousine, a tea set and an admiral's dirk (dagger) and Putin being given various works of art.

North Korea is under heavy sanctions from the United Nations Security Council - of which Russia is a member - over its weapons program while Russia faces sanctions by the US and its Western partners over its aggression in Ukraine.

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