Man who lured teacher to his death with fake dating profile is jailed for murder

Monday, June 17, 2024 - A man has been sentenced to a minimum of 22 years in prison for murdering a teacher and stealing tens of thousands of pounds from him.

Paul McNaughton killed 75-year-old Peter Coshan in a flat in Leith, Edinburgh, in August 2022. McNaughton, 29, used a fake profile on a gay hook-up site to lure Mr. Coshan to the address, as revealed in Glasgow High Court.

The two had first met online in 2021, after which McNaughton gained access to the retired biology teacher's bank accounts and stole a substantial sum of money. When Mr. Coshan discovered the thefts, he threatened to involve the police unless McNaughton provided him with sexual favors free of charge.

Frustrated with the situation, McNaughton plotted to kill the retired teacher, with prosecutors stating the motive was purely financial gain. Following the murder, McNaughton and his flatmate Paul Black, 65, concealed Mr. Coshan's body until around August 15. They transported the body in a suitcase to a layby on the A696 between Otterburn and Belsay in Northumberland, where they discarded it next to a wall.

Concerned family members alerted the police about Mr. Coshan's disappearance after noticing suspicious language in texts, unaware that McNaughton was responding to messages using the victim's phone.

Months later, McNaughton admitted to murder and attempting to pervert the course of justice. He received a minimum sentence of 22 years during sentencing at Glasgow High Court.

Paul Black, described as 'infatuated' with McNaughton, was acquitted of involvement in the murder but found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice. He was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison.

During sentencing, Lord Scott addressed McNaughton, describing Mr. Coshan as a gentle and dedicated friend who had faced life with Parkinson's disease for five years. Lord Scott condemned McNaughton's exploitation of Mr. Coshan's vulnerabilities and illness over an extended period, culminating in his decision to end Mr. Coshan's life after profiting financially from him both in life and death.

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