DONALD TRUMP claims he was 'tortured' in Fulton County Jail when arrested last year

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 - Donald Trump’s campaign team has claimed the former US president was 'tortured' when he turned himself into a Georgia jail last August.

“I want you to remember what they did to me. They tortured me in the Fulton County Jail, and TOOK MY MUGSHOT. So guess what?” a new fundraising pitch from his camp said on Monday, June 24.

“I put it on a mug for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE!”

The campaign team is offering fans the opportunity to purchase one of his “limited edition” coffee cups including t-shirts featuring the mugshot of Trump during his booking.

At the time, Trump was the first former US president to have his mugshot taken and be booked in jail for a criminal case. The scene took just over 20 minutes.

Initially, the republican politician was facing 13 counts for alleged 2020 election tampering in Georgia, but that number has since been winnowed to 10.

Immediately after his booking, Trump’s fundraising apparatus kicked into high gear and raised a whopping $4.18 million in the 24-hour period that followed. It sold T-shirts and other memorabilia based on the mugshot.

His team shattered that record last month when they made an eye-popping $53 million in the 24-hour period after his conviction in the Manhattan “hush money” case, according to his campaign.

The email writes: 'I want you to remember what they did to me. They tortured me in the Fulton County Jail, and TOOK MY MUGSHOT. So guess what?'

He says that their response was to 'put it on a mug for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE' complete with a photo of the mug.

The campaign is offering the item for a donation of $47 to Trump's 2024 election effort.

A report in February from WinRed, Republican's online fundraising platform, confirmed Trump raised a whopping $4.2 million the day after his mugshot was released.

Trump still faces sentencing in the Manhattan business fraud case, on which he was convicted for 34 counts of falsifying documents.

He is also under indictment for allegedly mishandling classified documents found at his Mar-a-Lago, Florida, home.

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