CHRISEAN ROCK arrested and placed in handcuffs at BLUEFACE's court hearing (VIDEO)

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 - Chrisean Rock was arrested on Monday, June 10, at a court hearing for her child's father Blueface.

Chrisean Rock attended a court hearing for Blueface on Monday in San Fernando Valley, California and left in handcuffs.

Video circulating of the incident shows Chrisean in handcuffs being led away by police officers.

A cameraman asks her why she's being detained.

"They saying I got a whole other case caught up in f**king downtown. I don't even be downtown," Chrisean responds.

"It's cool, I got my peoples looking into it."

One officer then notifies the photographer that Chrisean has a warrant out for her arrest.

According to TMZ, Chrisean's arrest stems from her having an active warrant in Oklahoma from an incident in 2022. In March 2024, Chrisean addressed the situation on Instagram Live, saying she is not going to turn herself in because she has better things to do, including raising her and Blueface's son.

"I been paying off fees and getting rid of s**t, talking to certian people to help my situation out," she said in a social media video. "I have my son. The old me would have just turned myself in and dealt with it the inside through the outside of the jail. Whatever...Right now, I gotta play it cautious ’cause I don't plan on being in jail while my son is growing.

While Chrisean has just been arrested, Blueface is nearing the end of his jail stay after serving close to seven months for a probation violation. His release date is scheduled for July 2.

See the video of Chrisean Rock being taken into custody below.

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